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A look back on a cool programming group!

What in the heck is FARAGames?

Back in 2012 I joined a small programming group by the name of FARAGames (I’m on there as barakados). FARAGames was a programming group started by a dude who went by FaceRadiation, who created the group based on his name. At our core we were a group of teenagers interested in programming who motivated each other to make games. We originally started out as a group of people who met over forums and chatted over a singular Skype chat for a pretty long time.

Things were always pretty interesting, with one guy almost never online except on rare spottings, one guy whose intricate understanding of the windows platform to make programs that were one step ahead of you, and everyone claiming sin has been committed when someone attempts a group call on the main chat (that problem kind of solved itself once we switched to discord).

The FARA Pirate Ship

Over the years we’ve gotten to keep in touch, help each other troubleshoot code, do prank calls at night – and occasionally we’d publish some games. Below is a collection of these games (and a sneak peek inside them). Special thanks to the FARAGames artwork team for providing graphics!


Avoider is a simple arcade style game where you avoid incoming black pixels as a green one by moving left and right; hit one and you’ll lose a life. Occasionally you’ll come across blue pixels which can do twice the damage. Or a peach one which will give you an extra life. Try to manage them effectively, as you only get 3 at the start: lose them all and you’ll turn orange! You can change your speed or enable ‘color mode’. There is also a laser system that you can activate by pressing space, and you get one laser burst to knock out blocks per 100 blocks traveled. Check out Avoider here!


ThanksKilling is one of my more interesting game. It features a vengeful turkey who wants to kill pilgrims. You click on tiny pilgrims that pop out of the pie in order to squash them. Points are given for how accurate and quick you are. One of the cool parts of this game was collaborating on artwork with some other members of the group. Be one with the turkey and check it out here!

Lights Out

Lights out is my attempt at bringing new twists with an old game experience. Your goal is to turn all the lights on the board off – clicking any square inverts the square & its neighbors. There are different game-modes, like ones where you can only touch tiles that are on, and even a mode to help you learn! Download and play here!

Puzzle Cannon

This project is a pixel based arcade style game. Shoot out blocks onto the playing field (using your mouse to aim the cursor around). If you make a group of four or more blocks together this will cause the blocks to disappear. This game also has music built into it and is built on LWJGL (a very fine java tool for gaming that I have used on other projects). Also contains a small library of gamified music that you can browse through by going up or down. Get your puzzle on here!

Where are they now?

Most of us are still occasionally in touch: we switched to discord a while back. But our days of energy and passion for making java games have been replaced with bigger goals and ambitions.

I am grateful that I got to know this network of programmers and help each other create some fun projects. Be sure to check out their games on FARAGames as well!

Sail on boys.

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