What’s new for 2021?

2021, soon to be year of the Ox by the Chinese Calendar, currently the Fruits and Vegetables by the UN. With this fantastic combination, everyone is sure to have a strong and healthy year. I have several goals that I am working to accomplish in 2020 – with one of them being eating more vegetables – but I wanted to share some of the goals I have for using this website. So without further ado, here’s what you can expect for 2021 from this site.

More Blogs!

I want to work on posting more about what’s going on and keeping a regular-ish schedule on blogging. I am going to commit to at least one update blog a month. This could be on projects I’m working on, cool things in the city I’ve learned about, and what I’m thinking about doing next.

Project Showcase

Along with a place to put blog posts, I want to showcase my projects I’ve been working on over the years. These could be programming projects I’ve written in the past, recipes I’ve made that haven’t resulted in the shrill beep of the fire alarm, or polls I put out to get a pulse from you guys: whatever I think people could benefit from.

More Archival Posts

I have a lot of old projects, videos, and memories I think other people might be able to benefit from (with some exploration). I used to love making video games that . I’ll be making more of these posts on a timely basis once I get the proper consents.

What are your web development goals for 2021? Leave a comment below if you want with something you want to make happen; let’s make 2021 a productive year for you and me!